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Shamanic Quantum Creator Journey

Shamanic Quantum Creator Journey

This Recorded session is meant to help you become the divine creator that you are. Instead of focusing on trying to fix yourself, so that you can have your desires . We take you to your future self that already has your desires , and we get your future self to clear old programming and ego based structures that are based off your past trauma's or experiences , and we replace with new structures and Bueprints to help you manifest and create your desired reality. The possibilities are endless with what you can use this for, so get your journal out and start writing down your goals and desires and really sink into the feeling and the imagination of that existence as I take you on this journey !


my best advice is to listen to this every day !

Please share your experiences with friends and family. Lets change the multiverse together !!!

    C$250.00 Regular Price
    C$33.00Sale Price
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